27 October Research Seminar

What is a Smart City?

FinEst Twins consortium invites you to participate in the research seminar “What is Smart City? on the 27th of October from 12  to 17 o’clock  in Aalto University, Otaniemi campus. All interested in research thematics of Smart City, especially Finnish and Estonian Smart City researchers and partners of the FinEst Twins project, are very much invited to the seminar.

Aija Staffans short interview:

Miimu Airaksinen short interview:



12.00 EIT Digital – enabling smart city: Tatu Koljonen (Director of EIT Digital Helsinki)

12.10 Focus on cross-border mobility, living and environment: Kalle Toiskallio (EIT Digital Helsinki / FinEst Twins project)

12.20 Keynote 1: Urban planning and smart city: Aija Staffans (Aalto University)

12.45 Keynote 2: Road map of technical research: Miimu Airaksinen (VTT)


Public and private power

13.10 Public procurements: Ville Valovirta (VTT)

13.30 Prosumers trading energy: Mari Hukkalainen (VTT)

13.50 Break

14.00 Cyber-elections – big data studies: Matti Nelimarkka (Aalto University)

14.20 Kone API Challenge: Jukka Salmikuukka (Kone Oy)


Mobile senses

14.30 Keynote 3: Infotechnological Mobility Observatory potential in SC research: Rein Ahas (University of Tartu)

14.55 Traffic sense: Jaakko Hollmén (Aalto University)

15.15 Cruise Ships go Digital: Mikko Patrakka (Ixonos Oy)


Smart living of smart citizenry

15.30 Whose data – personal data: Kai Kuikkaniemi (Aalto University)

15.50 Smart participation: PPGIS as an example of new tools for participatory planning: Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University)

16.10 Urban activism: Neea Laakso (Aalto University)


16.25 Final discussions and networking

17.00 End of seminar


Time: Tue 27.10.2015, at 12 – 17

Venue: Aalto University, Otaniemi campus, Open Innovation House (Otaniementie 19, 02150 Espoo, Finland), ground floor, hall A116. Tram 9 + bus 143, 102 or 103T takes about 40 minutes from the West Harbour. Route planner here. Smart minibus service Kutsuplus here (requires an account).
Full seminar video:

We recommend you to watch the video on YouTube as there are separate links to each presentation in the video’s description.

More info:

Kalle Toiskallio

EIT Digital Helsinki

Aalto University

[email protected],

+358-46 9230511 / +358-40 550 5533

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