Planned events:

  • 11 September: Seminar series kick-off in Tallinn (keynote by Jarmo Eskelinen)
  • 27 October: Finnish Smart City researchers’ (from VTT and Aalto University) seminar in Aalto University (keynotes by Miimu Airaksinen, Aija Staffans and Rein Ahas)
  • 17 November: stakeholder activation event in Barcelona Smart City week within City Innovation Summit event
  • 11 December: international seminar with Prof. Rudolf Giffinger (Vienna TU)
  • 25 January: international seminar with Prof. Michael Batty (UCL).
  • 09 February: In Estonian, Kaja Kallas TTÜs: „Euroopa digitaliseerub – mis juhtub töökohtadega?“
  • 18 February: International seminar with Prof. Frank Witlox.
  • 15 March: “LIPSE meets smart city: technology-based changes in the public sector” (tentative agenda)
  • (tentative) 2016: broad stakeholder activisation event on boat between EE-FI

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